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The team at Great British Chefs have opened the doors to our local larders across Southwest Wales. Speaking with producers, farmers, forages and chefs, they have looked at everything our coastal region has to offer.

“Chefs, farmers and foragers are constantly finding new uses for ancient ingredients. Hywel Griffith, chef director of Michelin-starred Beach House developed his signature ‘laverbread bread’ to ease customers from outside the region into eating laverbread. Hywel explained that he knew laverbread might be intimidating to those not from the region. ‘It was mostly the older generation that ate it’, he explains, due to its decidedly seaweedy flavour, and unapologetically slippery texture. Hywel’s ‘laverbread bread’ is inspired by the traditional way Welsh miners enjoyed the seaweed. The miners needed something nutritious, affordable and easy to eat in the dark, soot-filled tunnels they were working in. The solution was patties of oats and laverbread fried up until crisp; the Welsh equivalent of a Cornish pasty. Hywel developed a recipe for a baguette, shot through with a vein of mossy green laverbread, and then rolled in oats. It’s a nod to the region’s history, but not an obsession with it.”

Read the full article here : Local larders: Southwest Wales – Great British Chefs

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