Hywel Griffith, 11th November 2016

Having a restaurant situated on a beach, the views are just spectacular and change so much over the seasons which is really amazing to watch.  But as a Chef, I’m so lucky down in Oxwich Bay to have a selection of ingredients right on our doorstep that i can forage to add to various dishes on the menu.

Last month I picked some apples which made it onto the dessert at our Guest Chef’s Night.  This month, I’ve been collecting a lot of seaweed which makes up a dish of ‘Rabbit, langoustine, pickled pear, Oxwich beach seaweed and dashi’.

I collect it at low tide after service ready for the following day, the tide waits for no man so this is as fresh as it gets! I love seaweed as it has a very delicate and interesting flavour, and it can be eaten raw,  steamed or boiled but it still keeps that chewy consistency.  For this dish, it’s lightly fried and then dried prior to serving.

I also pick Kelp to make the dashi for the rabbit and langoustine dish, the kelp is dried to make what the Japanese call Kombu.  Dashi is a clear broth made from the Kombu and Bonito flakes (dehydrated tuna).