Get to know our chef


Head Chef
Age : 33
Previous : Freemasons at Wiswell, Longridge restaurant,
Ynyshir Hall
Style : Raw, traditional, precise

Hywel worked at Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor and Ynyshir Hall before taking his first Head Chef position at Paul Heathcote’s Longridge Restaurant where he earned three AA Rosettes. In 2011, he moved into the Head Chef role at the Freemasons at Wiswell which became the first and only pub restaurant in the UK to be awarded a cooking score of 7/10 in The Good Food Guide.


If your kitchen was on fire, what would you save and why?

All the staff, without them, what we do here would not be possible.

If you weren’t a chef what would you be?
Batman, (well I’d like to be!).

What’s your foodie guilty pleasure?
I don’t really have one.

Sweet or savoury?
Combination, it’s all about balance!

What is your favourite food shop or market?
Any of our small welsh suppliers, I couldn't possibly choose any one over each other as they all produce great ingredients in their own field.

And for a blow-out dinner?
Midsummer House.

What would your death row meal be?

What is your favourite cookbook?
Eleven Madison Park, recipes that are achievable and actually work.

What’s your top cooking tip?
Work hard and enjoy it or don't bother!

What is your favourite foodie destination in the UK?
Midsummer House.

And abroad?
Piazza duomo, Alba.

What ingredients are really worth forking out for?
It’s what you do with the ingredients that count, not what you pay for them.