Hywel Griffith, January 2017

With Game season in full swing we have access to some beautiful ingredients and here at Beach House we have had a collection of wonderful game dishes on our menu throughout the season so far including Venison, Partridge and Pheasant.

As you know my passion with food is about the raw ingredients and picking, catching and shooting the ingredients myself to then serve to our guests is something that does excite me.  I am very fortunate here as we are located on a fantastic estate where the quality of birds are amazing.  More importantly, they really are as local as you can get making the ‘food miles’ under one.

Here we have a beautiful dish utilising the Pheasant, served with roasted foie gras, puy lentils, pancetta, sherry vinegar and black rice.  It’s a stunning dish with sweet and sour notes to balance the richness in the dish.

Hywel Griffith, 11th November 2016

Having a restaurant situated on a beach, the views are just spectacular and change so much over the seasons which is really amazing to watch.  But as a Chef, I’m so lucky down in Oxwich Bay to have a selection of ingredients right on our doorstep that i can forage to add to various dishes on the menu.

Last month I picked some apples which made it onto the dessert at our Guest Chef’s Night.  This month, I’ve been collecting a lot of seaweed which makes up a dish of ‘Rabbit, langoustine, pickled pear, Oxwich beach seaweed and dashi’.

I collect it at low tide after service ready for the following day, the tide waits for no man so this is as fresh as it gets! I love seaweed as it has a very delicate and interesting flavour, and it can be eaten raw,  steamed or boiled but it still keeps that chewy consistency.  For this dish, it’s lightly fried and then dried prior to serving.

I also pick Kelp to make the dashi for the rabbit and langoustine dish, the kelp is dried to make what the Japanese call Kombu.  Dashi is a clear broth made from the Kombu and Bonito flakes (dehydrated tuna).

Hywel Griffith, 21st October 2016

This week it’s all about the Truffle.

Truffle season is an exciting time and we love coming up with dishes that can take this flavor. We have some excellent British Truffles and deal directly with Zac the forager from Wiltshire to get the best and only British truffles.

It’s a quick process from ground to plate, as he forages on a Monday, they are sent to me by Wednesday to use for the week ahead. This enables us to use the best of the British ingredients and when it comes to something like truffles, if you order from Europe you are potentially serving something that is a week old. So not only is it British, it really is as fresh as it can be!

These British truffles are on the menu this week at Beach House served with some fantastic fresh pasta and the Truffle sauce and fresh Truffles are presented at the table where the dish is completed.


Autumn and Winter Events

We are incredibly excited to share with you an exciting calendar of events through the forthcoming autumn and winter season including Extraordinary Guest Chef Nights and International Wine Dinners.

Before the turn of the year, we will host our first Guest Chef Night in October with two of the leading chefs in South West Wales, Will Holland and Allister Barsby. They will join our Head Chef Hywel Griffith to showcase the best of Welsh produce with a specially created six course tasting menu.

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Hywel Griffith, 7th October 2016

We’ve had a lovely Summer and have been spoilt enjoying plentiful fruits and delicious green vegetables.  Now we are getting into the last quarter of the year it’s time for a whole new batch of fantastic ingredients.  It’s a funny time for us as Chefs where we await the ground to the freeze to bring the best out of the hardy root vegetables such as Parsnips, Jerusalem Artichokes, Swedes and of course not forgetting the Red Cabbage!

It’s been a windy a couple of weeks down at Oxwich Bay and a lot of the soft fruits that we usually enjoy at the end of Summer and early Autumn have sadly been lost.  However just a short walk from the restaurant and past the sand dunes there are still some great apples which are better at holding against the harsh rain and wind.  I’ve picked every single one from the trees and am creating a new apple dessert which I am excited to say will be featured on the menu at next week's’ Guest Chef’s Night.


Get to know our chef


Head Chef
Age : 33
Previous : Freemasons at Wiswell, Longridge restaurant,
Ynyshir Hall
Style : Raw, traditional, precise

Hywel worked at Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor and Ynyshir Hall before taking his first Head Chef position at Paul Heathcote’s Longridge Restaurant where he earned three AA Rosettes. In 2011, he moved into the Head Chef role at the Freemasons at Wiswell which became the first and only pub restaurant in the UK to be awarded a cooking score of 7/10 in The Good Food Guide.


If your kitchen was on fire, what would you save and why?

All the staff, without them, what we do here would not be possible.

If you weren’t a chef what would you be?
Batman, (well I’d like to be!).

What’s your foodie guilty pleasure?
I don’t really have one.

Sweet or savoury?
Combination, it’s all about balance!

What is your favourite food shop or market?
Any of our small welsh suppliers, I couldn't possibly choose any one over each other as they all produce great ingredients in their own field.

And for a blow-out dinner?
Midsummer House.

What would your death row meal be?

What is your favourite cookbook?
Eleven Madison Park, recipes that are achievable and actually work.

What’s your top cooking tip?
Work hard and enjoy it or don't bother!

What is your favourite foodie destination in the UK?
Midsummer House.

And abroad?
Piazza duomo, Alba.

What ingredients are really worth forking out for?
It’s what you do with the ingredients that count, not what you pay for them.

North to South Italian Wine Dinner

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Friday 18th November:

As part of our exciting series of events through the Autumn and Winter we are very excited to host our very own International Wine Dinner.  Restaurant Manager Alice Bussi who hails from Liguria will work with our Head Chef Hywel to design an authentic North to South Italian Wine Dinner complete with matched fine wine pairings from across Italy.

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