Guest Chef Bryan Webb from Tyddyn Llan

Thursday 2nd March 2017:

For this months Guest Chef Night, we are very excited to have the incredibly talented Bryan Webb from Tyddyn Llan join us.

Bryan, who has held a Michelin Star since 2010 will join Hywel in the kitchen to create an exclusive tasting menu for a one off special evening at Beach House.

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For more information, please call Alice on 01792 390965 or email

A bit more about Bryan :

Bryan Webb has been cooking beautifully executed, classical cuisine for nearly 30 years.  Starting his career with an apprenticeship at The Crown at Whitebrook – the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Wales, Bryan has enjoyed many experiences working with the finest ingredients and acclaimed chefs from around the country.  In 2002, Bryan and his wife Susan embarked on a tasting trip around the world, before returning to Wales to set up Tyddyn Llan, a restaurant with rooms Showcasing quality ingredients from his native Wales, as well as the finest seasonal produce from around the British Isles, he cooks French-inflected dishes that champion simplicity and gutsy flavour.  In 2010, Bryan won a Michelin star, one of only four restaurants in Wales to hold such an accolade. They have held it ever since.